We go back a long way. Oxfordshire Events was first formed in 2009 when we were hosting events across the county. Since then, we've added three children to our family so life is busier than ever. One of us stays at home to look after the children while the other does a job that happens to be far away from home for days at a time. Family time is both precious and hectic!

If you're looking at our website to find things to do for your family the chances are you'll have a fair idea of how much (or how little!) time we all have when little people join the party. That's why we've hung up our event co-ordination boots and are now in the market for finding fun days out for our family and sharing the joy with the good people of Oxfordshire. After all, if we share the information then everyone's job is a made a little easier, right?

Hopefully you'll like what you find and, if you do, please help spread the word by letting your friends know where they can find information about local events. If you have any feedback for us, just drop us a line. We love to find out what makes you happy and what could make you even happier. Meanwhile, enjoy your time together whether you're looking for days out as a couple, small family groups or a large extended families.

Happy days from all at Team OE.