We headed to London with three children to see a performance of Peter Pan by Immersion Theatre in advance of their performances at Blenheim Palace. Here is what we thought. 

The magical story of Peter Pan sees Wendy Darling and her siblings visit Neverland; the land where children can fly and no-body grows old. In this magical place the Lost Boys face constant challenge from Captain Hook who is obsessed with capturing Peter Pan. When the Lost Boys are captured by Hook, Peter sets out to rescue his friends. Ultimately, Hook jumps from his own ship into the waiting jaws of his arch enemy, a crocodile who previously bit off his hand. 

As part of their 2018 UK tour, Immersion Theatre's open air version of this classic JM Barrie story is unlike any other we have seen. As you would expect from a family musical, the show is packed full of catchy, singalong tunes and music. The on-stage scenery is brightly coloured and vibrant, complemented by performers oozing energy and enthusiasm in their fun costumes. 

With a bucket full of hilarious comedy, bags of audience participation and even a water pistol, the crowd were cheering along throughout the show. The energy from the cast and the catchy music is fuel to make everyone feel young again.

After the show, the children had the chance to meet the characters up close - this was very popular and the cast were genuinely pleased to speak with the children, even after their energetic performances! As we left the park, everyone was smiling and the children enthused over their favourite characters (the crocodile seemed to be the most popular!).


Our Verdict: A youthful, high energy musical - the perfect way to enjoy open air theatre with the family this summer. 


Where to See Peter Pan in Oxfordshire

Immersion Theatre's summer tour heads to Blenheim Palace on 26th and 27th August. With tickets from just £12 for adults and £9 for children, don't miss out on your chance to see this spectacular summer show in the beautiful Blenheim pleasure gardens. 


We saw the show at Jubilee Park in London so that we could bring you our review well ahead of the Oxfordshire performances at Blenheim Palace.